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Version 31 October, 2019

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Review about 9Apps app

9apps is an android platform where you can download applications for Android mobile that are available at free of cost. Currently, the 9apps mobile app available is compatible only on Android phones only. 9apps is owned and managed by the Chinese group namely called Alibaba group, which intends to provide an alternative for google play store. Along with the android applications, we can download wallpapers, pictures, music also from the 9apps platform. All the apps hosted on 9apps are malware-free and can be downloaded free of cost.

Feature of 9apps

Here are some features of the 9apps which shows why we should go for this application instead of other app stores available.

  • The size of the 9apps application is very small so one can download it easily without worrying about disk space.
  • It is secure and safe to use as all the apps hosted over 9apps network are Viruses and Malware Free.
  • The user interface is very excellent as even a beginner can roll on with 9apps UI easily without any basic knowledge.
  • While downloading something from 9apps platform, It also allows a feature to start or pause download anywhere in between and can resume whenever we want.
  • 9apps android app also contains those applications as well which are not available on the Google play store. They are of course free for downloading.
  • The downloading speed of this platform is very fast as compared to any other platform. It uses high-end servers to provide an extremely high limit of the bandwidth while downloading any app or game.
Procedure to use 9apps Android App

You can access the 9apps either on their website or through the mobile application. The mobile application is not available on the Google play store. If you want to download the application for android then you can download it from download link. On the website, you’ll get the download link which will install 9apps apk on your mobile. After downloading it, you can enjoy different applications, games, and other content.

What people says about 9apps

People have given good reviews to the 9apps due to its exciting features which are lacking in google play store. But some people are not happy with this site. Many people think that this website is not safe for downloading because there are chances of getting hacked but 9apps teams ensure their security patches are up to date. Even then some people think that this app is unsafe to use. On the other hand, many people have said that this website is completely secure as they have used it. But if we give a conclusion of the reviews of the application, then it would be, don't use 9apps for downloading applications. Google play store is a lot better than this. The majority of people have said that this website is full of malware and junk files and is not safe at all.

User Reviews
Deep Money 6th September, 2020

9apps is quite an interesting appstore providing even paid mobile apps for free.

Umesh J 2nd November, 2019

Very good app

Kabir 24th October, 2019

Easy downloading, fast app downloader .

Umesh Jd 18th October, 2019

Good but not best.

Package Details
Name 9Apps
Developer 9apps Inc.
Size 4.0 MB
Requires Android 4.0+
Category Utilities
Updated 31 October, 2019
Licence Free

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