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Version 5.2 20 September, 2020

* Fixed crashing on startup.

* The app is completely re-written in Kotlin.
* Andronix Commands has been reworked from scratch. Now you can delete with a swipe, edit the existing commands and a few more design changes. Andronix Commands is strictly a Premium feature now. You not will be able to add commands without premium.
* Window Managers are here (Beta). Awesome, i3 and openbox are now available.
* Side navigation drawer is redesigned. The header now shows the user info.
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Review about Andronix app

Andronix lets you install a Linux system on your Android Device without root ⚡️.

How does this work?
Andronix uses PRoot to run your favourite Linux distribution on your Android devices.
Andronix uses Termux as the terminal for Andronix Operating System.

What can you do with Andronix?
Pretty much anything you like to do. You're just limited by the lack of the full Linux kernel, the SELinux policies of
your Android versions, your CPU architecture and your device's hardware. We have users replacing their entire laptops
and computer with Andronix. If you are looking for something that can support web-browsing, coding or anything else that
is not taxing on your phone's hardware then you can use Andronix without any issues.

You don't have to worry about multi-booting your system which means you can have all the Un-Modded and Modded OS
installed at once, all 12 OS at once given that you have the storage for it. Install as many as you like, uninstall them
when you're done.

How can I access it?
Linux containers that Andronix provides can be access via a
CLI (Command Line Interface) as one would have with a SSH connection to a remote system, a GUI (Graphical User
Interface) with various Desktop Environments such as LXQt,Xfce and LXDE and lastly GUI
powered by Window Managers like Awesome, i3 and Openbox.

Is it free?
Yes! ⚡️ Andronix is completely Ad-free and all the Un-modded distros and free to use as much as you want.

On the other hand, Modded OS are paid but they are very economical considering it is a lifetime purchase with unlimited
installs on unlimited devices. (We spend hours optimizing and packing it, and these are very large files which we need
to serve, requiring a massive amount of bandwidth, which costs money).

You can also get Andronix Premium which is another way to support the developers. You also get a few perks including
online sync with Andronix Commands and a web-app to access it from any device you want.

Are we open-source?
User Reviews
Chirag Gavde 20th September, 2020

Pls can you give premium for free . Plssssss I like your modded version , just for one time install. I will support you , give this app to others to install. Plssssssssssssss techriz . Somehow , for just one time install. My wish is to become software engineer , your unmodded os helped me but can you help me for this time . Plssssssss consider it a request and thanks for quick reply bro! Waiting. I am trying Anlinux if it can download all softwares because unmodded doesn't have all softwares.

Dhruv Das 20th September, 2020

security flaws must be corrected and permissions given 2 all who enter 44.4 john paul dreylingii lives as 2nd account again 4 my ins needs and also= hiring for Microsoft and google 2 start 3 million per year training with YouTube video and correct quiz and tell them all that all software and google products are free until john paul= take over and included he owns Microsoft twitter and co-founder @ Facebook so take a copy of my stock 2 court a message 2 get all your products free until john paul is given his universes and companies back and monies

Package Details
Name Andronix
Developer Techriz
Version 5.2
Size 11.0 MB
Requires Android 5.1+
Category Productivity
Updated 20 September, 2020
Licence Free

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