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Version 1.0.0038 16 September, 2020
1. New Artifact-Dual Blade, Gae Bolg, Draconic Scroll, Dragon Ring
For details, please check the in-game Library
2. Hero skill adjustment: Saw Machine, Mulan
For details, please check the in-game skill description
3. Planet Trial:
-New: Quickly challenge function
-150 stage BOSS lineup adjustment
4. VIP Benefits
-Benefits rewards adjustment
-New: VIP14, VIP15 benefits
5.Honor League Champion Avatar Box art special effects optimization
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"TapTap Heroes will change the way you think about idle RPGs" – PocketGamer


Tap Tap Heroes finds you centered in the continent of Mystia where heroes gather. In Mystia, a holy sword which carries the power of creation has been discovered by Freya, the queen of hell. As a result, Freya has plans to exploit the power of the holy sword and take over the world. The Alliance knights in their castles, the Horde warriors in their caves, the Elven mages in their forests, the Undead spirits in their tombs and the Holy beings in the heavens, all begin their journeys to find the power of creation. Together with over 200 heroes across six different factions, you too find yourself on a quest to find the holy sword and offset Freya’s plans before it’s too late.

【Note: This game requires an internet connection to play】

√ Tapping Feature:
- Enjoy the highly addictive tapping feature which adds a twist to the Idle RPG genre. Simply tap the screen to defeat the various ‘waves of enemies’ before you progressing to an idle boss battle!

√ Idle Gameplay:
- Too lazy to tap? Don’t worry, once you log out the game for 7 hours or less, your heroes will fight automatically.

√ Character Evolution:
- Upgrade your heroes and enjoy new costumes & armor to strengthen your team to victory!

√ Countless Characters:
- Boasting over 200 heroes across six different factions, collect new heroes along your quest!

√ Free Daily Rewards:
- Earn free diamonds and coins daily! The more you play, the more rewards you earn!

√ Earn and Receive:
- Earn coins and diamonds, collect shards to summon heroes and use soul to upgrade existing heroes on your quest for supremacy!

√ Illusive Goblin:
- Keep your eyes peeled for the illusive Goblin who will attempt to steal your earnings and rewards from your chest! Tap to defeat him!

√ Competitive Gameplay:
- Rise through the leaderboards and see how you rank against other players online. Cement your legacy as a Tap Tap Hero in our competitive leaderboard!

√ Guild Arena:
- Play with friends in the action-packed Guild Arena which enables you to play guild-boss battles and join different guild factions!

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User Reviews
Chirag Pawar 16th September, 2020

Super fun game, not terribly hard to understand after a bit. Pretty addicting so far and I'm having fun with all the different things to do.

Dhruv Tomar 16th September, 2020

It is fun and i don't have to stay on it 24/7

Diya Vyas 16th September, 2020

Its the best game ever i love the graphic it dont lagg no crashes perfect game

Hemant Powar 16th September, 2020

It's a lot like idle heroes but it's a fun addicting game that took a elements from a lot of other games and made them better the game also doesn't make you want to feel like you have to spend money to get somewhere there's tons to do on the app which is why I'm eating 5/5

Reyansh Bhatnagar 16th September, 2020

Amazing ok if your viewing to see how good it is download it it's great

Vivaan Saxena 16th September, 2020

So far this game is very enjoyable

Package Details
Name Taptap Heroes
Developer Ajoy Lab Games
Package com.westbund.heros.en
Version 1.0.0038
Size 98.6 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Role Playing
Updated 16 September, 2020
Licence Free

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