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Version 9.8 20 September, 2020
Fix an error in last release
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Review about TWRP Manager app

----------------------------- THIS APP REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS -----------------------------

This app allows you to Install, Backup, Restore, and Wipe your device all using TWRP. We use OpenRecoveryScript to complete these actions. Your device will reboot into TWRP, accomplish the selected tasks and then reboot back to Android. Any issues or errors within the recovery should be addressed with Team Win. We do not make the recovery and cannot support anything beyond our apps.

Tools in the app:
- Install Recovery:
This allows you to install the recovery for supported devices. Not all devices will be supported and giving us a low rating will not change that. We can only add what Team Win provides.

- Install:
This allows you to flash zips. When you use this option, the app will reboot the recovery, flash the zip and then reboot back to Android.

- Backup:
There are two types of backups in this app. Classic backups reboot to the recovery and complete the backup as normal before rebooting to Android. Live Backup (paid feature) backs up your phone while you are still using it. This is a very unique feature and saves on down time and increases the amount of time you spend in Android.

- Restore:
Restores work like classic backups to where the app will reboot into the recovery and complete the restore before rebooting into Android.

- Partitions:
The app scans the available partitions and gives you a list. You can then backup an image of the partition in case there are issues in the future. This is useful for backing up your EFS partition as well as boot and recovery.

There is an option to remove ads to help support our company. It's only $0.99 and helps keep us running so that we can provide the core app for free.

If you are at all unhappy with your purchase email us at the email address below with if you would like us to fix the issues or just refund your money. Either way we will happily oblige.

Q: My device isn't listed but it's officially supported, why?
A: check under your device's codename. If you still can't find it, email us and we will assist you.

Q: Why isn't my device listed? Why don't you support my device?
A: We do not make the recovery, Team Win does. If they don't support it, we cannot support it either. You can see the full list here:


Several features are incompatible with different versions of BusyBox. This is why we require you to use the Stericson BusyBox. It is the only one we have tested that works flawlessly.

If you have any issues or questions please either email us and we will assist. We only have so many devices to test on.

For support:
Send email to
A support ticket will be created automatically when you send an email to this address.


Visit and click the help button and create a ticket there.
User Reviews
Abhinav Rodrigues 20th September, 2020


Angel Jaiteley 20th September, 2020


Diya Subramanium 20th September, 2020

Sits there "detecting root and settings" and wont even let me abort the operation or anything with the UI Only running Exposed with ONLY XPL and magisk modules only Exposed and YouTube Vanced. I don't see how any of these would break your app? EdXposed possibly? I just want to flash a recovery I edited my review from 1 to 5 stars because you guys actually reply more than any app devs on bad reviews trying to help.

Sneha Mukopadhyay 20th September, 2020

wAnna thank the team keep it up ..

Aadhya Bose 20th September, 2020


Rajesh Mehra 20th September, 2020

It says it cannot detect my TWRP recovery, although it works anyway. Also it says it can backup to internal storage only, but it is backing up to my external SD card. How is that so ?

Package Details
Name TWRP Manager
Developer Jmz Software
Package com.jmz.soft.twrpmanager
Version 9.8
Size 5.3 MB
Requires Android 4.0.3+
Category Tools
Updated 20 September, 2020
Licence Free

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